Designated Members


Mr. Darshan R Soni. National President (C.R.P.C)

Age: 44 Years

Designation: National President (C.R.P.C)

Commercial Background: Shri Darshan Soni pursued BSc Chem (Drugs and Dyes) from Mumbai University and completed his Higher Diploma in Software Engineering from Aptech. He began his career with a very brief stint as a salesman with Sah & Sanghi group of companies. After a successful entry in the corporate market, Darshan decided to start his own proprietary business under the name of M/s Shri Auto Finance (SAF), it is now in its 19th successful year of business in used car market. Apart from above, Shri Darshan Soni is Managing Director at Shri Auto Mechanism since 5 yrs and since past one and half years he is also the Chairman of Shri Krishna Credit Co-Operative Society.

Social Activity Background:  Shri Darshan Soni is multi talented individual, this is proven by his multiple commercial credentials which are armoured with strong achievements and responsibilities at social level. For starters he is a Sub – Editor at Mahim Samachar newspaper since 1 yr. To dwell further into the history of his associations, he has been the President of Maharashtra state at All India Human Rights Organisation since 5 yrs. He has contributed in several fields in this role.

Health: Shri Darshan Soni actively and regularly Conducted several medical camps, facilitated medical facility by offering free bypass operations to 100’s of patients along with other treatments under the schedule.

Social Matters: In his tenure as State President (Maharashtra) for AIHRO he extensively worked on patching up families in disputes, solved domestic violence cases and have reunited the broken families.

Education: He has facilitated free education to many students falling under below poverty line.

Sanitation: He has worked hard to get erected free sanitation facilities in slums by restlessly following up with the relevant authorities.

Accolades: For his contributions to the society he was awarded the best performance award recognised by the All India Human Rights organisation which was presented to him by Hon. Justice C. V. Thool in 2013.

This experience, passion and social contribution of Shri Darshan Soni has bought him support of some like minded and sincere hardworking people in the system. As a result, this has led him to head his own NGO of Human Rights Group at National Level. He has registered it in the name of C.R.P.0 which stands for Citizen’s Rights Protection Committee and he is the PRESIDENT at NATIONAL LEVEL.








 Mr. Jinesh Zaveri National Secretary (C.R.P.C)

Age: 43 Years

Designation: National Secretary (C.R.P.C)

Occupation: Self Employed.

General Background First Class Graduate in Economics Major (B.A) from Mumbai University. Diploma Holder in Business Management. 20 years’ experience in Sales, Marketing and Operations in Electronic Products, Software and Education. Tried Hands on Animation and Political Cartooning. Also hosted Radio shows as an English Announcer at All India Radio on Medium Wave for a short period of time before moving on with higher job responsibility.

Social Activity: Men’s Rights: Blogger and Mens Rights Activist (MRA), Joined Save Indian Family movement as a co-founder member since June 2005. Runs a dedicated helpline for Men in Distress since 2005 and also started with single handed field counseling, which later got converted into weekly one point meetings in Mumbai with the help of the asset-worthy group members and growing group strength. Currently these meetings are independently run by members of Registered NGO ‘Vaastav Foundation’ who recognize Jinesh as their mentor and advisor to the core group due to his past efforts in running a mens rights group in mumbai.

Women’s Rights: He also devised the idea and coined the group name for the unrecognized Women by law, who are mothers and sisters of husbands and as women they get no protection by law under false 498a, Domestic Violence Act. He called the group M.A.S.H.A.A.L which stands for Mothers And Sisters of Husband Against Abuse of Law.

Associations:Apart from debates, presentations and discussions on electronics media, he has written various articles by invitation in the Newspaper “The Free Press Journal” on the various topics of unfair gender biasness against the Men in India.

Accolades: Samseva group from Bangalore Karnataka has awarded him their prestigious title of “Bharat Seva Bahaddur” in November 2012. He was awarded for his ongoing efforts in the field of Counseling Men and their family members in making them aware of false cases of dowry (498a), domestic violence and other misused laws by warring wife on husbands et al.










Mr. Salman Ashfaq Shaikh National Treasurer (C.R.P.C)

Age: 22 Years

Designation: National Treasurer (C.R.P.C)

Occupation Exports & Imports. Graduate from Mumbai

General Background: University.

Social Activity: Ex. Member of All India Human Rights Organization (AIHRO). Currently working as a National Treasurer in Citizen’s Rights Protection Committee (CRPC).